Let's Reduce the Burden of Student Debt

Sign the petition for Congress to pass the
Emergency Loan Refinancing Act

The skyrocketing cost of education has trapped too many people under huge student loan bills.

An affordable college education is central to an economy where everyone has a fair shot to get ahead, so please sign the petition urging Congress to pass the college loan refinancing bill Senator Brian Schatz introduced with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

To members of Congress:

The enormous level of student loan debt in America and increasing cost of college aren't just a burden to borrowers and a drag on our economy, they stand in the way of people using higher education as a ladder toward achieving their American dream.

Please support the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act, introduced by Senators Brian Schatz and Elizabeth Warren, which would allow people with student loan debt to refinance their loans with today's lower interest rates, saving up to hundreds of dollars each year.